Ship Store Supply

Fairdale service the ship’s provision since 2005, we take care many ship during their visiting Chinese port. We knowing we are the people who been trusted and relied on by the ship’s crew. As all crews is helpless during their sea trip. So we always carefully check and double confirm with our customer for every items on application sheet to ensure all items are what exactly they need. Even mistake was found on delivery, we will try our best to change and supply again until satisfaction before ship’s departure from China. We call this is one stop service standard, once you choose Fairdale, you no need to worry anything else. Reasonable price with reasonable profit, smooth communication with satisfy works, reliable provision with durable quality, is our top policy. Now all ship’s owner and crew know China can make everything, so we just try our best to make this everything become a good supply and excellent result, to ensure your working on sea with good tools, good material and good performance.

Our target is, every ship who supplied by fairdale will comments: Fairdale is a good supplier, who can help us to handle all things we need during aloneside China.