Company Profile

Fairdale was established in 2009, located in Shanghai, China.

With our great effort and honesty, we have accumulated the trust from both local and overseas customers. Over the years our company was able to build strong supplier database.

In Marine industry, we specialize in purchase and sales, ship constructioning, repairing and docking service. The provider of port and ship machinery/equipment.

In health products and cosmetic raw material industry we are known for our efficient customer service. It is always our priority to meet the needs of all our clients. You can rely on our quality control, documentary support, and logistics.

Nowadays, we have set up subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changzhou and Hong Kong to provide our best service as promised to our clients all over the world.

Today, Fairdale keeps moving forward to worldwide recognition based on our experience and sincerity. We are pleased to do business with you and hoping for future opportunities. Your encouragement is our growth.

Shipping And Logistics Service

Shipping and logistics service

Life Saving Product

Life Saving Product, is the last safety belt of sea passenger’s life. When we having trip on the sea, Life saving product is our last hope and should be reliable to deserve her name. We make it business to make every single day people spend on sea a safe one, to ensure every crew to back home safety for their family. There’s a saying: Made in China just like holiday, not last for long. As new generation, we have our responsibility to rebuild our name as good price + good quality. to enable you can choose the right product with reliable quality & good China made price. We check and re-check every aspect of qulity right down to the last bolt, which deserve your choice to be a sufficient equipment not only for Class survey but also for the security of life. to bring everyone back home.

Port And Ship Load/Unload Machinery

Port and Ship load/unload machinery