Ship Buy & Sell

Base on 15years working experience in shipping industry, we grow together with Chinese market and Chinese owner. Chinese shipping industry has experience from Zero to over heat to crash, many private owner and shipyard was set up and krupt, right now, the reliable shipyard and company who survive has prove their working capability and reputation. We are happy to see now Chinese can do build good ship, not only the steel works, but also the machinery which include main engine, generator, winch, crane, hydro system, valve, electronic system, life saving product etc. According Chinese Marine Regulation, the Chinese fleet update rate is fast, and the second hand ship is quite suitable for S.E Asia market with their performance, We have work as broker sucessfully deal with the buy and sell for general cargo ship, engineering ship, RO-RO passenger ship, cement carrier and oil carrier export from China. Base on our network, we are able to find the suitable vessel for buyer’s actual needs and would like to help ship’s buyer/seller to have a fair deal for ship’s buy and sell. You may try to send us a inquiry, We will try our best to find and offer what you can get the best ship in China, and also Korea & Japan Made. With the good helping from ship’s class and insurance company, the ship’s deal will become one stop solution with Fairdale.